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Guydu is a gaming community and socializing application that brings together users who play computer games, enabling them to form communities about games, create teams to play their favorite games together, and communicate.

The Guydu project was developed using Veriyaz’s Game Community product. Guydu aims to provide users with an enjoyable and social gaming experience.

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Challenges and Goals

  • Effective Community Building: Ensuring users can form and manage communities about games effectively.
  • Creating Game Teams: Supporting users in creating teams to play their favorite games together.
  • Real-Time Communication: Enabling players to communicate effectively during and outside of games.
  • Fun and Social Experience: Encouraging users to have fun and socialize by playing games together.
  • High-Tech Infrastructure: Providing the best user experience with a robust and reliable infrastructure.

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  • Game Community Infrastructure: Utilizing Veriyaz’s robust and reliable Game Community infrastructure to provide users with a high-quality gaming community experience.
  • Real-Time Communication: Ensuring seamless voice and text chat between players with real-time communication technologies.
  • Community Management: Developing comprehensive management tools for users to easily manage their communities.
  • Creating Game Teams: Providing tools for users to create teams to play their favorite games together.
  • Data Security: Implementing strong security measures and data protection policies to safeguard user data.

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