At Veriyaz, we offer high-performance and secure technological infrastructures with the latest technologies.

Technological Features

At Veriyaz, we elevate our clients’ businesses with innovative technological solutions. Whether it’s for corporate meetings, online education, gaming communities, audio social networks, music communities, or financial communities, our flexible and scalable white label platforms meet every need. Our technological infrastructure provides high performance, security, and availability, ensuring the best user experience.


Responding to High Traffic with Horizontal Expansion

Our platform ensures seamless performance during high traffic periods by utilizing horizontal expansion. This allows for the distribution of load across multiple servers, ensuring consistent performance and reliability.

Expanding the Database to a Large Cluster

Our database architecture supports large cluster expansion, ensuring no data loss, high system uptime, and scalability to meet growing demands.

Cloud Compatibility

We offer the flexibility to run your projects both on the Veriyaz cloud and on all major cloud providers. This ensures your projects can operate smoothly in any environment.

Running on Kubernetes

Our services are containerized and orchestrated using Kubernetes, providing efficient resource management, scalability, and robust deployment capabilities.

Booting Up and Setting Up the System with Code

We utilize Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to automate the booting and setup of systems, ensuring consistency, repeatability, and faster deployments.

Project-Based Virtualization

Each project operates independently with its own dedicated database, ensuring data isolation and security. We provide secure, isolated virtual server and container services for all projects, enhancing security and performance.

Backup and High Availability

Customers can regularly back up their systems or run a copy of the system in a different cluster to ensure high availability. These features guarantee data security and uninterrupted service.

Real-Time Communication with Cloud-Based Solutions

Our real-time communication products, supported by cloud and cutting-edge technologies, bring your projects to life without the need for infrastructure investment, providing seamless and high-quality communication for your users.


Other Features

In addition to our core technological capabilities, our platform offers a variety of additional features to enhance user experience and functionality.


File Sharing

Easily share photos, videos, and audio files within the platform.

Backup and Restore Chat History

Ensure the safety of your communications with the ability to back up and restore chat history.

24/7 Support

Our team continuously monitors your projects and provides 24/7 support, ensuring uninterrupted service and security.

Platform Analytics

Measure and report the behavior of visiting users with comprehensive platform analytics, helping you understand user engagement and improve services.

Advanced Management Panel

Provides a user-friendly and comprehensive management panel that allows you to easily manage your users and projects.

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Success Stories

Veri Robot

Veri Robot is an innovative AI assistant service that enables users to chat in real-time and undertake tasks through predefined prompts. The voice services provided by Veri Robot can be used in room environments where many people can listen simultaneously, allowing numerous innovative ideas and projects to come to life.

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Zumti is a voice chat platform that allows people to come together and socialize by joining rooms with their microphones and cameras.

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Guydu is a gaming community and socializing application that brings together users who play computer games, enabling them to form communities about games, create teams to play their favorite games together, and communicate.

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