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What we do

We Ensure the Success of
Communication Projects.

White Label

Offer completely customizable web and mobile applications with your brand and domain name, providing your customers with a unique experience.

Ready to Use

Save time and start offering services quickly with our pre-configured, ready-to-use applications.

Cloud Ready

Deliver your services flexibly and scalably with our cloud-compatible solutions.

No Risk

Provide reliable services by minimizing risks with our strong security measures and robust infrastructure.

Your Applications

Publish your applications on app stores (Play Store, App Store) with your brand, and offer web applications from your desired domain.

High Revenue

Create your dream real-time communication projects, reach large audiences, and generate high revenue by offering great value.

High Technology

Provide users with a seamless and superior experience with our solutions developed using the latest software and server technologies.

24/7 Support

Ensure smooth and continuous service with our support team available around the clock.



Corporate Meeting

We enhance your business with our versatile white-label solution and mobile app, suitable for corporate meetings, online training, product launches, and events.​

Online Education

We offer a comprehensive solution for creating your own digital education institution, allowing you to conduct interactive lessons and online courses anytime, anywhere.

Game Community

It is a white-label community platform designed for effective communication and collaboration with your friends and team.Communicate via text, voice and video, create servers and grow your communities.

Audio Social

Create your own unique Voice Group Chat platform with our white-label solution, using your brand and domain!

Music Social

Discover the new way of socializing through music! With our white-label solution, entrepreneurs can create music socializing platforms under their own brands, empowering you with the power of music.

AI Assistant

An artificial intelligence assistant can assist you like a real employee in voice chat rooms, phone calls, and support services, providing your users with a superior experience.


Utilize the power of real-time video, voice, and messaging.

What we use

Bringing the best cloud provider to you.

We work with the highest quality cloud providers to ensure the success of our real-time communication projects. Our team works diligently to provide you with high quality service. We make great efforts to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level.

Where WE DO

Success Stories

Veri Robot

Veri Robot is an innovative AI assistant service that enables users to chat in real-time and undertake tasks through predefined prompts. The voice services provided by Veri Robot can be used in room environments where many people can listen simultaneously, allowing numerous innovative ideas and projects to come to life.

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Zumti is a voice chat platform that allows people to come together and socialize by joining rooms with their microphones and cameras.

Learn more


Guydu is a gaming community and socializing application that brings together users who play computer games, enabling them to form communities about games, create teams to play their favorite games together, and communicate.

Learn more
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