Game Community

It is a white-label community platform designed for effective communication and collaboration with your friends and team.Communicate via text, voice and video, create servers and grow your communities.

Game Community

Game Community is a real-time video, chat, and community platform designed to create, grow, and manage online gaming communities, fostering closer communication with friends and more effective collaboration with your team. You can manage your gaming communities by helping players find new friends and easily match for games.

Enhance Your Gaming Communities with White Label Service

Game Community is the ideal platform for growing and managing your gaming communities. With our white label service, you can use the platform under your own brand and tailor it completely to your needs. By customizing it with your own logo, colors, and design, you can offer a unique experience to your gaming communities.

With the advanced user management panel, you can manage your community and users while generating revenue.



  • Customize with Your Brand: Tailor the platform entirely to your corporate identity by using your own brand and domain.
  • Mobile App Support: Provide broader access to your participants with mobile app support that works seamlessly on both iOS and Android devices.
  • Versatile Usage: Ideal for internal meetings, online training, departmental discussions, product presentations, fairs, and more.
  • Easy to Use: Plan, manage, and track your events and training sessions effortlessly with our user-friendly interface.
  • Secure and Reliable: Protect your participants’ data and offer a trustworthy experience with our platform equipped with industry-standard security protocols.
Main Features.
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Voice Chat (Multiple microphones)
  • Video Chat
  • Sending text messages during a chat.
  • Music Streaming (share with Web Desktop browser tabs)
More Personalization.
  • Allowing Room Owner to customize the Room theme and the colors
  • Allowing Users to customize the text theme and the colors
Security and Privacy.
  • Locking chats with a password
  • Reporting annoying users
  • Blocking offending users (Site and Room bans)
  • Role-based user authorization and management
  • Google Login / Facebook Login / Guest Login (Fast entry) / Apple Login
  • SSL Security

The veriyaz platform offers detailed User, Room, and System Management capabilities that are unique compared to other competitors. Thanks to these features, you can effectively manage your projects.

Admin Features
  • Room Management
  • User Management
  • Role Management
  • Ban Management
  • Whitelist Management
  • Forbidden Word Management
  • Emoji Management
  • Complaint Management
  • System Environment Change Management
  • Administrator Logs
  • Account Deletion Request Management
  • System Analytics (coming soon)
  • Live Support Application Management
Screen Sharing & Recording

Thanks to veriyaz, you can effectively deliver your classroom lessons and presentations to students or employees by utilizing screen sharing and interactive whiteboard features.

Recorded lessons can be viewed from the room/class, and all archived sessions can be showcased to users. Without the need to share any specific past recording, all users entering the room can access and watch previous meeting recordings.

Technological Features.
  • Responding to high traffic with Horizontal Expansion
  • Running on Kubernetes
  • Booting up and setting up the system with code
  • Expanding the Database to a Large Cluster

(No Data Loss, High System Uptime and Scalability)

Project Based Virtualization
  • All projects are independent from each other
  • Each project has its own dedicated database
  • veriyazis provided with secure, isolated virtual server and container services
Other Features.
  • File sharing (e.g. photo, video, audio)
  • Possibility to backup and restore chat history
  • Running as a mobile app, web version or desktop app
  • Platform Analytics (measuring and reporting the behavior of visiting users)
You can run with web browsers without installation.
Works in all operating systems.
You can provide services with the domain name of your choice.
You can publish your applications with your custom logo on App Stores
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