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Veriyaz is a software solution developed to provide real-time interactive live voice/video communication and instant messaging services.

Veriyaz has a diverse product portfolio that can be tailored to meet various business needs of Telcos, their subscribers, and end-users. Telcos can utilize Veriyaz products to generate high revenue, reach communities, promote their products and services, and implement projects across various sectors.

Global Market Statistics

Value-Added Services (VAS) Market Size

  • $655 Billion (2021)
  • $1.1 Trillion (2029) (Data Bridge Market Research)

Global Telco Market Size

  • $1.8 Trillion (2022)
  • $3.1 Trillion (2030) (VantageMarket Research)

2023 Licensed Telco Operators

  • Telco Operators: 900+
  • Telco Service Providers: 25,000+ (Wikipedia)

Smartphone Users

  • 6.4 Billion Smartphones (2022)
  • 7.7 Billion Smartphones (2028) (Statista, 2024)

Global Internet Users

  • 5 Billion Users (2022)
  • 6.14 Billion Users (2028) (DataReportal, 2023)

Live Streaming Market Size

  • $55.4 Billion (2022)
  • $559.6 Billion (2032) (Secondary Research, Primary Research)

Global Entertainment & Media Market Size

  • $2.32 Trillion (2022)
  • $3.3 Trillion (2027) (Pwc – The Business Research)

Games Live Streaming Market

  • $9.74 Billion (2022)
  • $17.39 Billion (2027) (Statista Market Insights)

Global Online Corporate Meeting Market

  • $9.42 Billion (2024)
  • $20.3 Billion (2030) (Research and Markets)

Global Online Education Market Size

Develop Projects and Increase Revenue with Veriyaz Products

  • Corporate Meeting: A comprehensive video conferencing and messaging solution for corporate subscribers. Telcos can sell the Corporate Meeting product to their corporate clients to generate revenue.
  • AI Assistant: Implement various services and projects with the AI-powered assistant. From education to artificial intelligence, you can offer projects and services across many different sectors.
  • Online Education: A digital education platform for educational institutions. Telcos can offer this product to educational institutions, reaching new market segments.
  • Game Community: A real-time video, chat, and community platform for gaming communities. Telcos can offer this product to gaming service providers and communities to increase user engagement.
  • Audio Social: A platform for voice communication communities. Telcos can offer social voice communication services to their subscribers using this product.
  • Music Social: A social platform for music enthusiasts. Telcos can offer this product to music-interested subscribers, creating new revenue streams.
  • Fintech Community: A platform for financial communities. Telcos can offer this product to investment and finance groups, enabling various projects.

Why Should You Use Veriyaz Products?

  • Suitability for Various Sectors: Provide projects and services across a wide range of sectors, from education to healthcare, entertainment to finance.
  • Revenue Generation: Telcos can use Veriyaz products to offer various value-added services (VAS) to their subscribers, generating high revenue.
  • White Label Projects: Telcos and their subscribers can implement white label projects using Veriyaz products under their own brand.
  • Flexibility and Customizability: Veriyaz products can be fully customized to meet the needs of Telcos and their subscribers.
  • Low Technological Investment Risk: Telcos can offer Veriyaz products as VAS to their customers under their own brand without the risk of technological investment.

Veriyaz continually develops and strives to stay updated with new technologies in Telecommunications Technology Services. Our goal is to enhance our capacity and provide the highest quality service to our technology and business partners with White Label Telecommunications Offerings.


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